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Jan, 2019

Spring Registration

Registration is now open for the 2019 Spring Season!

Register online now at, this is  strongly recommended as this will be our primary communication resource.  All schedules and cancellations will be posted on our website.  You will also be able to retain your information for registration in future fall and spring seasons.  If you have signed up with the site before, but forgot your login, you can use the "forgot my password" link to log back in.  Registration will take less than 5 minutes for returning players.

Season Dates:

•     March – June (Tournament season can extend into August)

·        Walk in Registration Dates:




SaturdayFeb. 16th

10am – 2pm

King Public Library

SundayFeb 17th

2pm – 5pm

Community Building (Recreation Acres)

Evaluations are tentatively set for February 23rd and 24th.  Check our website and Facebook page for announcements.

Evaluations:   Held at King Recreation Acres

Tee Ball will NOT have evaluations.  Players will be assigned once we have managers for each team.

Ages - 4 & 6 year olds must play T-ball (Must have a birth date prior to 9/1/2015)

Ages - 5-8 can play in Machine Pitch (Baseball) Coach Pitch (Softball) One  year of T-ball is required for a 6 year old to play in these divisions

Ages – 8-11 can play in the minor division (Baseball or Softball)

Ages - 9-12 can play in Little League division (12 year olds must play in the major LL Division) Players must attend evaluations to be considered for this division if they are league age 11 and under.

(Ages 13-16) Junior and Senior and (Ages 11-13) Intermediate divisions are also available, please visit for information. 

**players may be moved to another division after they have been evaluated.

  • Practice will begin March 3rd – March 10th.  All teams must have coaches prior to selecting teams.

  • Opening Ceremonies will be held  March 29th at 6:00 pm. All players should attend in uniform.

  • Saturday games will begin at 9am

  • Weeknight games will begin at 6pm.
  • Games begin on March 30th and the regular season will conclude on  June 15th.

If you are interested in managing a team manager(head coach) or being an assistant coach, please contact us through our website or the email address below.  We will need background applications for all coaches prior to assigning teams.

[email protected]

Thanks for being a part of King Little League. Our league and it's success depend on our parents, coaches and volunteers.  We are a 100% volunteer organization.  This is your league for your community.



  • Refund Policy 

If the teams have been selected then we will refund 75% 

If the team has started practicing or uniforms have been ordered then we will refund 50% 

If the games have started there will not be a refund. 

In order to qualify for a refund, here’s what is required: 

1.Parents should also notify the team manager immediately of their intentions. 

2.Parents must then notify the player agent via email or in writing of the request for player's release. 

3.Players released for justifiable reasons (according to Little League Regulation) and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors will then be eligible for refund in accordance with the refund schedule above. 

Note: The following provides a list of potential reasons that may be justifiable, subject to Board of Director approval: 

 Player moves to another city or state too distant to commute for practice and play. 

 Player is injured and will not be able to return to play within a reasonable period of time. 

 Any other justifiable reason reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. 


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