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May, 2019

Spring Picture Day!

1:15-Both Seniors Softball Teams

1:30-Red Sox (T-Ball) and Braves (T-Ball)

1:50-Rockies (Juniors) and Softball (Minors)

2:10-Cubs (T-Ball) and Rockies (T-Ball)

2:30-Reds (MP) and A’s (MP)

2:50- Phillies (Majors) and D-Backs (Majors)

3:10- Both CP Softball Teams

3:30-A’s (T-Ball) and Giants (T-Ball)

3:50-White Sox (Minors) and Cubs (Minors)

4:10-Indians (Minors) and Angels (Minors)

4:30- Cardinals (T-Ball) and Red Sox (MP)

4:50- D-Backs (MP) and Rangers (MP)

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